Who Should I Hire For Startup Services Near Me?

Who Should I Hire For Startup Services Near Me?

Who Should I Hire For Startup Services Near Me?

Avoid the common mistakes startups make by investing in startup services with Startup Tandem!

Are you wondering who should I hire for startup services near me? Many new business owners ask themselves this very common question.

Many people are starting up businesses and needing help. There are many people available to help you with your startup services. If you do not know what a startup service is, we are going to talk about that as well, so you know what it is and what a startup service company has to offer you. 

What is a Startup?

Startups are going to be different for everyone. Everyone will have unique needs based on what they are doing. However, a startup service company will offer the following for many people. The list below is some of the services that startup companies offer. We will go into deeper details about each aspect. 

Startup Services: What To Expect From The Company You Choose


This is where you will get the help you may need in startup accounting and business accounting services. Bookkeeping will allow your business to have an organized way to track how the business is doing. A startup service will help you find the best way to organize your documents and financial information. If there is no organization or bookkeeping, it will be exceedingly difficult for accounting. 

A startup service in Los Angeles should also offer accounting. This will help a business know their numbers. This means that they will know what is spent, what is wasted, what is where, and everything else. These numbers are the numbers that can make or break a business. That is why having an accounting system developed is important. 

A few things that you may notice that a startup service company may offer in their accounting or bookkeeping aspect is tracking payments that customers have made. You may also receive help on invoices or bills to customers for the items that were sold. This will help you ensure that items were paid for and in full price. They will also help you look at your profits and debts. Bookkeeping and accounting are the biggest part of a business. Without this aspect of a business running properly, the company will be losing money. A company that loses money is going to fail. That is why it is essential to hire a startup service in Los Angeles. 

Fractional CFO 

If a company hired a fractional CFO, they are going downhill. This is the service that will help a company who is facing financial challenges. These challenges could have come from anything. However, a common few that are often seen are issues with their cash flow. Their gross margins are exceptionally low, but their expenses are extremely high. Their systems that are in place are no longer working. In fact, these businesses could be facing an audit.

These services will help companies figure out their financial situation. These services will allow a company to determine what is needed, what can be eliminated, and what can be improved. This allows companies to reestablish their names. It could bring a company that is on the verge of bankruptcy back into the business. This is done by helping look at future forecasts. With the added items in place, what is the expected outcome. This can help companies understand their flow of money and goods better. For this reason it’s important to hire a CFO consulting firm or a fractional CFO near you for the best results with your startup.

how to pick a CFO
how to choose the best CFO consulting firm

Take A Look At These Important Articles:

Human Resources 

Sometimes those in human resources often forget what the job inside a factory is like. This means that many policies may be outdated and no longer useful. This also means that a company is not running as efficiently as it could be. Which also means that the company could be losing money. 

Having a business such as Startup Tandem helping you, will allow your company to better understand the policies. In fact, these startup businesses will help will payroll and even your systems that are in place for human resources. They can help you with your systems that are in place. This can form a better bond between those in the office and those that are working on the floor. 

Business Development 

Nothing is worse than having a business starting up and no sales. That is why startup service companies will offer a team. This team is a sales team to help you out. This is to help your business succeed by increasing revenue. This tactic may also help bring in more people through your doors or to your website. The goal is to bring more people to your business. The more people you have on your website or in your doors, the more sales you are going to make. 


If a company has issues on the floor between employees or just in general, startup companies can help with that too. It is important to address the needs of your employees. That is when people will start to listen. 

Having a startup service company will allow those in management positions better manage their employees. The services offered are there to help those who work in the company feel more comfortable. If the work environment is a safe and happy place, more people are going to work hard. The harder workers you have in your business, the more products that can be moved. This means more money for the business. 

Creating a happy and safe place to work is essential. It is one of the biggest things that many companies overlook. Overlooking this aspect could be costing the business money. Taking the time to understand employees needs and wants will likely increase your revenue. 


You would never think you would need a recruiting helper when you are starting out. However, if you have used startup service companies before, your business is likely booming. If you ever need to hire any international employees, they can help with that. A startup business will help ensure that those who are hired internationally are trained properly. 

They will not be working in your facilities alone until they are professionally trained. This means that a manager or supervisor will be near them, and we will ensure that the person is understanding the materials. Having someone helping you create a strong work force can be beneficial to a company. 

Fundraising/VC Consulting 

A startup service company will be there to support your fundraising events. This will allow you to have more people show up as well. This is due to the fact that they are great at getting word out and helping support your business. Plus, they are there to help with any consultations that may take place. They can help you bring in the revenue you need while doing everything else you need. 

409 Valuations 

This is something that you need in order to have fundraisers, different investors, and even employees. This is paperwork that is often overlooked. However, it is something that should not be. This is something that should be organized to the best of your ability. 

A startup service company will help you with these valuations when you need them. They can help you also create a good organization service for these documents as well. This could be virtual or paper organization system. However, taking the time to organize this is essential for a business. 

Is A Startup Service Company Just for Certain Industries? 

No. A startup service company offers a wide range of services that appeal to many distinct types of industries. For example, Startup Tandem has services for CPG. These are your large chain stores. This could include stores such as Walmart. However, they will also tailor services for those who are in the cannabis industry. 

There is not a single industry that is the same. However, each category is designed for specific aspects of different industries. This means that the company is versatile based on the services that are offered. There are even aspects where Startup Tandem helps clients that provide healthcare. These could be for physical or mental health. The services are specialized based on the needs of the specific company and what industry they belong to. 

Finding the Best Startup Service Company in the LA Area 

When you are looking for a startup service company in the Los Angeles area, you need to look for a few things. These are the few things that will set apart one company from the next. This also will help you eliminate those who are not going to offer you the services that you need. 

  1. The first thing you need to do is ensure that you know what type of services you need. This is what you need to understand before you look for a startup service company. 
  2. The next thing you need to do is look at a few companies. Look at their reviews. Make sure that the reviews are honest. There should be good, bad, and neutral reviews. If there are not great reviews, you should move to another option. 
  3. Make sure you look at personal reviews. These are the reviews left on the apps other than the actual website reviews. You will find many more honest reviews on these other websites than on the business’s website. 
  4. Call the business that interests you. Determine the prices and services offered. If they have all the services that you need at a great price, take the offer. However, make sure that you read into all the contracts before signing anything. Ensure that there are no catches in the contract. 
  5. Sign your name and you will be in business with a startup service company. You will also be on your way to success, organization, and leadership skills. 

Startup Service Companies In Los Angeles

These are the companies that are going to help businesses thrive. It is going to help a business succeed financially and in a respectable way. These services that are offered will turn around a business if taken seriously. However, you need to have an open mind when you hire a startup company. They are going to tell you what needs to be said. They will tell you what will need to be done. However, they will not do anything without your permission. They are there to help you find the problems and fix the situations with you by their side. 

It is important that you understand that there may be things you did not know going on with your financials. This company is going to help you get back on track or start a system that will create a successful future for your business. Having an open mind and being open to suggestions is critical in a situation where a startup service is hired. If you are not open to suggestions and recommendations, then you should avoid a startup company

The Best Startup Services in Los Angeles 

If you are in the Los Angeles area, you will want to contact Startup Tandem. They offer all the services that were stated in this article. They have high success rates and helping companies turn their profits around. From helping with accounting and bookkeeping to helping your human resource department, they have it all.  In fact, they are the best startup accountants in Los Angeles and would love to get started on helping your startup!

Plus, Startup Tandem has some of the best services around. They are there to help you succeed. Their goal is to create an environment that will bring you more money in and more products out. Startup Tandem will also ensure that there is an organization plan and other plans in place to ensure success. 

Startup Tandem’s Santa Monica Location:

Wrapping Up: Who Should I Hire For Startup Services Near Me?

When it comes to your business, you will want nothing but the best. However, sometimes things will fail. That is why hiring the best startup service company is essential. Startup Tandem will be there for you through your challenging times. They will help you understand where the business stands and how to increase your sales and decrease your spending. Startup Tandem may also help you with your accounting and bookkeeping so that you have a system set up that is organized and guaranteed to help you succeed. Taking the time to learn what a startup services company is will allow you to better understand the services that are offered. These services are there to help aid in the success of your business. This business could be just starting out or existing for thirty years. Taking the time to understand the financials and all other aspects of the company will allow your company to succeed. Allow Startup Tandem to help you reach your goals and follow your dreams. 

You should now better understand who should I hire for startup services near me and we wish you all the best!

Who Are The Best Startup Accountants In The Los Angeles Area?

Who Are The Best Startup Accountants In The Los Angeles Area?

Who Are the Best Startup Accountants in the Los Angeles Area?

You may be wondering – who are the best startup accountants in the Los Angeles area. This is a question we hear very frequently from businesses looking to hire a professional business accounting service in LA.

Before we talk about the best startup accountants, we are going to take a look at what startup accounting is and what you can expect from it. We will also talk about who is the best in the Los Angeles area so that you can feel comfortable picking the best startup accountant in the area. 

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Why Do I Need an Accountant? 

While you may be able to get by without an accountant or without any type of startup bookkeeping service, it would sure help to have one. Usually, a bookkeeper will have records of everything. This includes functions, payments, and invoices. This position will usually be part-time. However, adding an accountant can help encourage your business. If your business grows, you will need to have someone who can accurately manage everything that comes with a business. If you are going to raise your capital, you are going to need some help. Here are a few reasons why you should pick Startup Tandem. 

PRO TIP: If you choose to hire Startup Tandem, they also offer Fractional CFOs and HR consulting too!

how much does a CPA cost?
how much does a CPA cost?

Some Great Reasons Your Startup In LA Needs An Accountant


When you do your taxes, you will look at other items compared to regular tax returns. You will want to look at any credits available. Keep in mind that the International Revenue Service has increased the documents needed to achieve certain credits. Having an accountant will help you better understand these credits and how to obtain them to help you save money. 

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Your number system may be a complete mess. However, an accountant can come in and help you create a system where everything is organized. They can help you put documents in proper placement and create a system for your business that will allow you to keep track of financials. 


You need to have an accountant to help you determine if you are following the rules for taxes or not. They are able to help you budget for items needed and find the best deals with tax breaks. A startup accountant will help ensure that you are set to go before the company takes off. 


Your startup accountant will help you create models. They can help determine your rate in which money is spent and earned. This is critical to know when you are first starting a business. That is why it is essential to have the right person doing the job. 

Your accountant will help you forecast what will be made and what needs to be made in order to keep the business floating. There may be several different charts with numbers that an accountant may help you with. 

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When you have a business that is just starting out, you will not have funds to go crazy. You will have enough funds to get going and make some money. However, you need to be aware of where that money is going. This is why an accountant may be helpful. They can help you determine how much should go where. This will allow you to have the biggest return rate. 

Why Do I Need a Startup Accountant for my Business?

If you have someone helping you forecast, budget, and do all the other items in this article, then you will not have to worry for quite some time. The accountants will help you learn how to properly run your business from a financial point of view. They are there to help your business thrive and achieve your goals. 

Your business can become remarkably successful if the financial department flourishes. If your company has the power to push products and you have a startup accountant on your side, you are going to fly. A startup accountant will allow you to do everything that you have dreamed of for so long. Your business will now be a dream come true. 

Wrapping Up: Who Are The Best Startup Accountants In The Los Angeles Area?

Startup accountants are going to be greatly beneficial to any business. Whether you are just starting out or experiencing some problems with your financial system, you can count on us to help you get back in order. Here at Startup Tandem, you will have the best on your side so that you can bring in the money to take care of your family. Plus, having a good and functionable financial system will make the company much stronger. This may allow for pay raises or additional employees be added. 

Startup Tandem Is The Best Startup Accountant In The Los Angeles Area!

Startup Tandem is the best startup accountant in the Los Angeles area! We offer a variety of accounting services to startups in Los Angeles and beyond! We also offer a variety of other services too!

You should now have a better idea of who are the best startup accountants in the Los Angeles area and we wish you all the best!

What Services Do HR Consultants Offer?

What Services Do HR Consultants Offer?

What Services Do HR Consultants Offer?

Are you wondering what services to HR consultants offer? Your company needs a successful Human Resources department in order to succeed. That is why utilizing an HR consulting company is important. However, you must first know what services are offered. It is important to understand the services provided so that you get the help your business needs. 

should every startup invest in financial services?

What Is an HR Consulting Company? 

This is going to be the company that a business turns to for help when they need solutions for their human resources department. The HR consultants will work very closely with clients that they have. This is to ensure that a bond and partnership is formed. This will help companies better understand how to operate. Plus, with technology and the world changing around us, the HR consultant must also be able to adapt to the changes. 

An HR consultant company will help businesses keep people in their doors. It will help them fill positions that are empty with ease. It will allow the business to keep positions filled, even if it is only temporary. Plus, it will allow people to find a job that better fits their qualifications as well. 

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Services Offered by HR Consulting Firms 

We will be talking about some of the services that a human resources consultant company may offer. These are just a few of the items that could be offered. Also, remember, not all companies will offer the same services. Call the company before making final decisions. 

Staffing Temporarily

You will find that some human resource positions are not available often. However, if an employee in the business needs to take a leave; the solution is temporary staffing. It is not often that people will leave jobs on bad terms. However, when people do, it can leave a business struggling to operate smoothly. That is why an HR consultant would see this problem and find a temporary person to fill this position until the person returns, or a new hire is found. Keep in mind this is only for those who need to take a leave of absence for more than a week or two. 

Permanent Staffing 

Many people are afraid to let anyone enter their business without having prior experience. Plus, if someone retires or leaves the job, the position must be filled. This is where your HR consultant will come into play. The HR consultant will hire someone temporarily to see how they do with the job. 

If the person does well with the job, they will eventually be hired permanently for the position. However, if the person does not do well on the job, they may be terminated. You cannot know how well someone will do at a job unless you give them a chance. 

Those who are placed in this temporary position will be on a trail period. This position will become permanent if the candidate for the job can learn quickly and operate efficiently. If this person takes the time to do the job correctly, it can become a permanent position. It allows employers to see how well an employee will operate under a new position before putting them there permanently. 

what do HR consultants do?

Retained vs. Contingency Searches 

Contingency searches will deal with substantial amounts of candidates getting sent to the company. There will be less accuracy with contingency searches than with retained searches. Some HR consulting companies will offer a retained search. This is where the HR consultant takes the time to find better fits for a certain company. The client who has hired this HR consultant will have less clients. However, the clients will be more likely to qualify for the position that needs to be filled. 

Depending on what your business is and what you need now, one may be better for you than the other. If you are low on people and the job is simple and does not require much background information, you may want to do a contingency search. However, if you are looking to fill a position that requires experience and knowledge, a retained search may be the best option to get qualified candidates. 

Finding The Best HR Consulting Firm Near You

While there are many different HR consulting agents and companies out there, it is up to you to determine the best one. Taking the time to look at reviews and real-life testimonies is important. Just because a company states they are the best, does not mean they are.

 It is important to take the time to look at a few things before hiring an HR consultant. 

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STEP 1: Look At Reviews 

As always, before you do anything, you need to look at a company’s reviews. You will be hiring a single consultant; however, you need to make sure that the company has good ratings as well. You will also want to check on the consultant that you are given. Make sure that they themselves have complimentary reviews as well. You do not want to work with someone who does not have a great history. 

STEP 2: Review Previous Records 

You want to work with someone who has experience. You need to ask for previous work experience and how long the consultant has been working for this company. You may also decide to ask how long they have worked at their previous consultant company. This will help you determine if they have the skills needed to help your business out. If someone does not have the experience needed for the job, you will need to find another consultant. 

STEP 3: Consult With The Company Beforehand

You will always talk to your HR consultant. This means that you will be able to tell if they are kind. You want someone who is relatable and personable. It will not be fun working with someone who does not care to do their job properly or help your business. 

STEP 4: Speak With Several HR Consulting Firms

The next step to finding the best HR consultant is to speak with several firms to get clarification on what they provide. Startup Tandem is a startup consulting firm which offers financial services such as bookkeeping and Fractional CFOs, in addition to HR consulting. We are your one stop shop for all of your startup’s needs!

STEP 5: Find A Local Company

The next and last step for finding the appropriate service is to connect with a local company if you can. Startup Tandem is located in Santa Monica, CA and has a number of clients in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. They also have a location on the East Coast too- so they are probably a great choice no matter where you are.

Wrapping Up: What Services Do HR Consultants Offer?

If you are looking for the best HR consulting services, you should talk to Startup Tandem. They will help you with all your HR needs with ease. With years of experience under their belts, they are the ones to help you with your business needs. 

Please contact us with your questions on our service packages.

best financial services for startups
best financial services for startups

You should now better understand what services do HR consultants offer and we wish you the best of luck!

Do I Need A Bookkeeper If I Have Quickbooks

Do I Need A Bookkeeper If I Have Quickbooks

If You’re Wondering Do I Need A Bookkeeper If I Have Quickbooks – Please Read!

You may be asking yourself- do I need a bookkeeper if I have quickbooks. This post will go into everything and answer your question of whether or not you need a bookkeeper if you have bookkeeping software (like Quickbooks) that you manage on your own.

Why Every Startup Should Have a Bookkeeper(Even if You Have Quickbooks)

Are you only using Quickbooks to keep track of your cash flow for your business? Think you don’t need the help of a startup bookkeeper or business accounting service? Think again! 

This post will explain to you why you need a bookkeeper and accounting team for your startup even if you have quickbooks. Read on below why you should invest in bookkeeping services for your new business!

What is Quickbooks?

Developed by the popular financial software  company Inuit, Quickbooks is an accounting software package designed for small businesses in mind. This software can help business owners who have no experience in accounting or bookkeeping, and who need professional assistance in categorizing expenses, payroll functions, paying bills, and managing payments. Quickbooks is a highly automated software built for an introduction into the world of financial management for business owners. 

An entry level step into accounting and bookkeeping, Quickbooks can be a useful tool for business owners but is no good on its own. Quickbooks works best when paired with a bookkeeper who can help guide and explain things to you. Below are several disadvantages of using solely Quickbooks as your only source of financial tracking within your business. 

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how to choose a small business accounting service
how to choose a small business accounting service

Disadvantages of Quickbooks

Quickbooks is an entry level solution for small to medium sized business owners who have little to no idea what they are doing. However, if you are looking for a personalized option to scale your business even further, using only Quickbooks is probably not the best plan for you. There are advantages to Quickbooks: it’s an affordable option and easy to use. If you are looking for the best financial decision for your business, however, you will need a bookkeeper too. When used alone as a primary way to organize and track your financial data, Quickbooks has some disadvantages. These may include:

  • Limited business features which do include functions such as  HR management, lot tracking, barcode scanning, and eCommerce.
  • Pricey options for add-ons which can dramatically increase the cost of Quickbooks by up to six times the amount of the basic plan. Some of these expensive add ons include features like automated data backups, multiple users, management charts, customized reporting, and automated approvals. 
  • Random site crashes and sometimes sluggish site due to a limited number of users and file sizes that are admitted on the site. This can be a huge problem for you and your business, especially if you are working on a large and important transaction. 
  • No backup or cloud to recover from mistakes which is a necessity these days in the world of technology. Did you accidentally enter data in the incorrect account? Imported multiple transactions to the wrong place? If using Quickbooks, mistakes big and small are permanent and not retractable. 
  • Customer service which guides users to online forums to help answer concerns or questions instead of customer service specialists. Quickbooks prefers users to find answers from other users instead of assisting directly. 
  • Easily manipulated data which, while made easier for you to fix errors and mistakes, makes it even simpler for someone with malicious intention to ruin your precious data. 

The above disadvantages can be solved with the help of a professionally trained bookkeeper who can keep track of all your financial expenses and can even help manage your Quickbooks account. Using both a bookkeeper and the Quickbooks software can put you at an advantage over other business owners who lose money through poor financial tracking. 

What is Bookkeeping? 

If you have a business and are looking to increase revenue or simply maintain it, a bookkeeper or bookkeeping service near you is a highly recommended option to keep track of cash flow and expenses. Companies such as Startup Tandem offer a range of financial and accounting services, in addition to Fractional CFOs to help with day to day analysis, reporting and organization. Learn more about our fractional CFOs in Los Angeles or give us a call.

Bookkeeping keeps a record of all financial transactions within your business. Additionally, proper bookkeeping is required to be able to correctly file your taxes each year. Filing your taxes as a business owner is not a matter to take lightly. 

Bookkeeping is not to be confused with accounting, which uses the information bookkeepers give to determine a business owner’s financial state and can help with tax returns, independent audits, and certified financial statements. 

In comparison, bookkeepers manage your financial data and record financial information. This information is crucial as it is a big part of being aware of your transactions, cash flow, and additional financial matters which are a major part of your business. 

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Why Do I Need a Bookkeeper if I Have Quickbooks?

The answer is simple, and it depends on if you are willing to take the risk of losing money for your business every year. While Quickbooks can be a beginner-friendly way to dip your toes into the world of accounting for your business, it is not the wisest financial decision when used alone and without guidance. 

Quickbooks relies on its users to never make mistakes, and this is where a hired bookkeeper can come in handy. Most business owners are not built in bookkeepers and are not aware of the many rules surrounding every entry made. There is rarely a straightforward answer when working as a bookkeeper. That is why it is so much more efficient to work with someone who is trained and can help you jump through all the hoops. Reasons you should hire a bookkeeper even if you have Quickbooks:

  • Bookkeepers Increase Financial Accuracy in Your Business
  • Quickbooks Does Not Catch Errors That Bookkeepers Can
  • Bookkeepers Save Wasted Time That Could Be Used For Your Business
  • There Is Lower Risk Involved in Hiring a Bookkeeper vs. Relying on Quickbooks or Employees
  • Financial Reports Are More Easily Understood and Presented 
  • Filing Taxes is Easier

Bookkeepers Increase Financial Accuracy In Your Business

While technology is an amazing tool that is helpful for businesses in many ways, it is not always the most accurate. This is especially true for working with your financial transactions and recordkeeping online. Quickbooks doesn’t see your business from the inside out; it is online aware of what you are inputting. Working with a bookkeeper gives you an advantage of ensuring your entries are correct and accurate. Without accurate tracking, you could be seriously risking expensive fines and penalties with your tax return. 

The last thing you want to be doing is struggling during tax season. Not only does having a bookkeeper help you become more organized as a business, but it also helps you have less stress surrounding your finances, too!

Quickbooks Does Not Catch Errors That Bookkeepers Can

Quickbook does not have the ability to detect any errors or mistakes you may have accidentally made. This is where your bookkeeper can really make a difference in your business. Imagine listing an entry incorrectly and having to deal with the consequences down the road. No one wants to find out they owe more than they do be fined ridiculous amounts of money. 

Use Quickbooks and also have a bookkeeper on hand to look through your accounts and entries. Your bookkeeper can monitor your accounts and ensure that all entries and transactions are accurately made. 

Bookkeepers Save Wasted Time That Could Be Used For Your Business

You own a business and strive to make it a success. Why spend hours record keeping and financial planning when you could be spending your time and energy on your business? Time is more valuable than money and you could be using the time focused on bookkeeping to grow and scale your business instead.

Spend more time doing what you enjoy, and less time stressing about the record keeping portion of your business. 

Do I need a bookkeeper if I have quickbooks?
financial and accounting services

There is Lower Risk Involved in Hiring a Bookkeeper vs. Relying on Quickbooks or Employees

Have you thought about using one of your employees to manage bookkeeping? Not a good idea, as it is much more likely for a signed on employee to commit fraudulent activity than a bookkeeper within a company. Hiring someone from the outside who has been screened by their company is a much lower risk than hiring from within. 

If in the unfortunate event that a bookkeeper does commit fraud, there is a company behind them that is able to retain the losses and compensate you accordingly. 

Financial Reports Are More Easily Understood and Presented 

While Quickbooks has a great feature which organizes and presents your data, most business owners don’t know what to do with the data that is shown. What does it mean for their company? How should they use this information? An understanding of all of the data and how it is shown in the presentation is necessary for reading the report accurately and successfully. Bookkeepers are much more helpful in this regard as they can read the report with accuracy and present it in a way that not only makes sense to you, but to potential investors and shareholders as well. 

Filing Taxes is Easier

As stated earlier, taxes are an integral part of your business and are a major aspect of your business. If filed incorrectly, there are costly penalties and fines that can set your business back. 

Quickbooks works alongside TurboTax to file your taxes, which can make it easier to file your taxes as a business owner. However, if you want peace of mind, hire a bookkeeper to keep all of your finances in line. The more complicated your tax information is, the higher chance of errors during tax season. A financial expert such as a bookkeeper keeps things running smoothly for you. An automated software like Quickbooks can never compare to someone professionally trained with the books. 

Quickbooks vs. a Bookkeeper

Quickbooks can do the basics for your business but at times when used alone is not user friendly. With Quickbooks you can:

  • Store and analyze data
  • Pay invoices
  • Generate reports
  • Prepare taxes
  • Keep track of recordkeeping
  • Use double entry accounting feature

This is all great information to have, but with Quickbooks, it is just that; information. There is no one to guide you through the process or explain to you what your reports mean or how you should enter your business expenses. With the help of a bookkeeper you can have access to all of the information above, but with the added assistance of having someone give you financial advice and explain what is going on with your finances. 

Bookkeepers are capable of everything that Quickbooks does and more. Not only can they accomplish all that is listed above, there is the personalized component that Quickbooks does not have available for business owners. Your personal bookkeeper knows the ins and outs of your business, what goals you have, all of your expenses, personal and professional. They are aware of all financial transactions occurring and the cash flow within your business. With Quickbooks, the software relies on you to do a decent job of acting as bookkeeping without the training. 

At first, Quickbooks alone might seem attractive to the small business owner with its affordable prices. However, sooner rather than later the features that Quickbooks has as add-ons will add to your expenses and dramatically increase what you pay monthly. Why only choose an automated software such as Quickbooks when you could also use the help of a professional with years of experience?

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Why You Need a Bookkeeper Even if You Have Quickbooks!

It may be tempting as a small business owner to DIY it all and avoid paying for a bookkeeper. However, only using Quickbooks can actually put you and your business at more of a financial strain. With expensive add-on features that can multiply the cost of their software up to six times as much, using only Quickbooks would do more harm than good for your business. Instead, limit your use of Quickbooks and use a bookkeeper to keep track of everything going on within the walls of your growing business. 

Technology is evolving which can be fantastic for new business owners. However, why only choose software over a trained bookkeeper when it comes to the biggest part of your business: finances! Allow a trained professional to take over your transactions to let you focus on your business instead. It is my hope this post convinced you on why you need a bookkeeper even if you have Quickbooks!

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How To Hire A CFO

How To Hire A CFO

How To Hire A CFO

What does a Chief Financial Officer do? This is a question that many small business owners struggle with. Often, the answer is to hire a CFO. But how does one go about finding and hiring the right CFO for their business? Here are some tips to help you out. You can also learn more about what to expect when you hire a CFO in this post.

What is a CFO

A chief financial officer (CFO) is the corporate officer responsible for the financial planning and management of a company’s financial resources. The CFO’s primary responsibilities include creating financial reports, overseeing investment activities, and managing debt.

The CFO also works with the CEO to develop strategic plans and objectives for the company. In larger organizations, the CFO may also be responsible for tax planning and risk management.

A CFO must have strong analytical and communication skills in order to be successful in this role. They must also be able to work effectively with other members of the senior management team.

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The responsibilities of a CFO

The CFO is responsible for the financial health of an organization. They produce financial reports, direct investment activities, and develop strategies to reduce taxes. The CFO also oversees the accounting, finance, and treasury departments. In smaller organizations, the CFO may also be responsible for human resources and information technology.

The CFO reports to the CEO and is a member of the executive team. The role of the CFO has evolved, and they now play a more strategic role in organizational decision-making. As a result, CFOs must have strong analytical skills and be able to think creatively. They must also be able to communicate complex financial information to non-financial managers.

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The benefits of having a CFO on staff

As the head of a company’s financial department, the CFO is responsible for a wide range of critical tasks. From overseeing the budget to preparing financial reports, the CFO plays a vital role in ensuring that a company runs smoothly and efficiently.

The CFO is often responsible for developing strategies to reduce costs and increase revenue. As a result, having a CFO on staff can be a major asset for any business. Not only does the CFO provide essential financial guidance, but he or she also brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. As a result, businesses that have a CFO on staff are often able to run more smoothly and effectively.

how to pick a CFO
how to choose the best CFO consulting firm

Couldn’t I outsource all of this?

Because of the critical nature of the role, many businesses choose to outsource their CFO. However, there are several reasons why this can be a mistake.

First, an outsourced CFO may not have the same level of knowledge about the company’s specific industry. This can lead to decisions that are not well-informed and could potentially put the business at risk.

Second, an outsourced CFO may not be as invested in the company’s success. They may be more likely to take risks that could endanger the business in order to increase their own profits.

Finally, an outsourced CFO may not have the same level of access to the company’s financial data. This could make it difficult for them to make accurate and timely decisions. This information should help you learn how to hire a CFO!

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How To Find A Good CFO

Here are some tips on how to find a CFO who will be a valuable asset to your team:

1. Look for someone with experience in your industry. They will understand the unique challenges and opportunities that your business faces.

2. Look for someone with a strong analytical background. They will be able to understand and interpret financial data quickly and accurately.

3. Look for someone who is a good communicator. They should be able to explain complex financial concepts to non-financial managers in a way that is easy to understand.

4. Look for someone who is a strategic thinker. They should be able to develop creative solutions to financial problems.

5. Look for someone who is a good team player. They should be able to work effectively with other members of the senior management team.

How to find the right CFO for your business

with so many qualified candidates out there, it can be difficult to know how to find the right CFO for your business.

Consider what you need from a CFO. Do you need someone who is primarily focused on financial reporting and compliance? Or are you looking for someone who can also provide strategic insights and contribute to long-term planning?

Once you have a clear idea of the role you need the CFO to play, you can start to narrow down your search.

Next, take a close look at the qualifications and experience of each candidate. Does their background align with the role you have in mind? Are they certified public accountants? Do they have an MBA?

Finally, consider the personality of each candidate. Do they seem like someone who would be a good fit for your company culture? Are they easy to work with? Do they have a sense of humor?

By taking the time to find the right CFO for your business, you can ensure that they will be a valuable asset to your team.

How to work with a CFO once you’ve hired them

After you’ve hired a CFO, it’s important to establish a good working relationship with them. You’ll need to clearly define your expectations and objectives. What are your goals for the company, and how do you expect the CFO to help you achieve them?

It’s also important to keep lines of communication open; regular meetings will help ensure that everyone is on the same page and that any problems can be quickly addressed.

Remember to give the CFO the autonomy they need to do their job effectively. Trust them to make decisions in line with your objectives, and don’t micromanage their work.

What to do if you’re not happy with your CFO

Your CFO is responsible for making sure that your company’s finances are in order, but what do you do if you’re not happy with their performance?

Take a step back and assess the situation. Is your CFO not meeting your expectations in specific areas or are they falling short across the board?

If it’s the latter, then it may be time to consider replacing them.

However, if there are specific areas where they’re not meeting your expectations, try working with them to come up with a plan to improve their performance.

5 Crucial Tips for working with your CFO

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TIP 1: Define your goals and objectives for working with a CFO

Before you can begin working with a CFO, it is important to have a clear understanding of your goals and objectives.

Once you know what you want to get out of the relationship, you will be able to better communicate your needs to the CFO. In turn, this will allow the CFO to tailor their advice and assistance to help you achieve your goals. With a shared understanding of what you hope to accomplish, you can work together more effectively to create a bright future for your business.

TIP 2: Establish clear lines of communication and expectations early on

Communication is key to a successful team. By establishing clear lines of communication and expectations at the start of a project, you can avoid misunderstandings and potential conflict down the road.

When everyone knows who is responsible for what, and when they are supposed to check-in, there is less room for error. 

TIP 3: Be prepared to make decisions as a team and be open to feedback

Good decision-making is a key part of any successful team. When faced with a problem or challenge, it is important to be able to come together and make a decision that is in the best interests of the group.

However, making decisions as a team can be difficult. Different people will have different opinions, and it can be hard to reach a consensus.

It is important to be prepared to compromise and be open to feedback. If someone on the team has a different opinion, listen to their reasoning and try to understand their perspective. By being open to new ideas and willing to change your own opinion, you can make sure that the team makes the best possible decision.

how to find a good CFO
how to find the best CFO consulting firm in Los Angeles

TIP 4: Trust your CFO’s judgment and give them the freedom to do their job

Many CEOs micro manage their CFOs, second-guessing their decisions and preventing them from taking risks. This can stifle creativity and prevent the CFO from doing their job effectively. It’s important to trust your CFO’s judgment and give them the freedom to make decisions. After all, they’re the experts when it comes to financial matters. 

TIP 5: Celebrate successes together!

Congratulations on making it through the hiring process and finding the best CFO for your business! Now that you’ve got them on board, it’s important to work together to ensure your company’s success.

Celebrate successes together! When a CFO joins your company, it is a time to celebrate. You have brought on an experienced professional who can help you grow and manage your finances. Make sure to take some time to appreciate the work that has been done and look forward to future successes. Congratulations on making a great decision for your business!

Conclusion: How To Hire A CFO

Hiring a Chief Financial Officer is only half the battle. These steps will help you to choose the best CFO for your business no matter what type of CFO you need.

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You should now better understand how to hire a CFO and we wish you all the best.