Cash Flow Management Plus

Startup Tandem offers cash flow management plus – a service that will help you understand where your cash is going and how you can better utilize capital and credit lines.  Our cash flow management service helps businesses grow successfully and understand expenses that may be preventing you from growing.

Included in cash flow management plus is everything that is also included in bookkeeping and accounting management service tier. In addition, our cashflow management offerings include:

  • Cash burn and cash runway analysis and reporting
  • Weekly meetings
  • Full analysis of expenses and budgeting
  • Help to meet cash runway goals
  • Cash flow strategizing, monitoring and analysis

Startup Tandem will help you optimize your revenue. With our help, you should see huge increases in cashflow and other resources.  We look forward to hearing from you and providing assistance with our cash flow management for small business.

Startup Tandem Can Optimize Your Cashflow!

Do you want to know how much cash your company has and where your cash is going? With Startup Tandem’s Cash Flow Management Plus, we’ll help you understand cashflow so that you can successfully grow your business.

Startup Tandem will help you understand your company’s cash flow. With our reporting and analysis, you’ll make better decisions about your business in the future. Our service packages are affordable and help you grow your business. You don’t need any accounting or financial knowledge to work with us. We’ll be there beside you every step of the way.


Put More Money In Your Pocket With Startup Tandem

Put more money in your pockets with Startup Tandem.  We are here for you with our cash flow management plus a cash flow management service for small business!

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