New Business Formation Services in Los Angeles

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At Startup Tandem, we provide high-level financial and new business formation services for startups and existing small businesses in Los Angeles and across the U.S.

Annual Reports

An annual report conveys detailed information about a company’s financial performance over the past year. A well-written annual report that highlights the company’s successes can be a useful tool for attracting investors or portraying the company in a favorable light to lenders.

Articles of Amendment

Once a business structure is recorded, it becomes a binding legal document. Amending or changing the founding documents requires a formal, legally sufficient filing. Startup Tandem has
the expertise to prepare professional and legally binding articles of amendment, saving you expensive attorneys fees.

Startup Accounting In LA County


Reinstatement is the return of an inactive or noncompliant company to a legally sufficient
business or enterprise. We will make sure this important procedure is done accurately.

Name Reservations

Ensuring that a business name is legally reserved before officially founding the company is required in some states. In others, it may just be a prudent step forward for a startup enterprise. Startup Tandem can help you navigate the legal formalities of reserving your startup’s name.


People have social security numbers. Companies have employer identification numbers (EINs). Establishing an EIN for your new Los Angeles company quickly, efficiently, and accurately is one of our specialties.

Closing a Business

It didn’t work out, or there is a transformation that requires legally dissolving a corporation or
LLC. Getting everything documented and processed correctly is important for both financial reasons and legal liability. We can help your Los Angeles based business.

Payroll Tax Registrations

Paying employees shouldn’t be one of the more difficult tasks required of a small business
owner. Unfortunately, between tax withholding, legal withholding, and detailed record keeping, it can be. With our services, paying your employees becomes simple, freeing up your valuable

S Corporation Elections

There are many advantages to being an S corporation. However, regulators and the IRS have specific rules and procedures that need to be strictly followed. We’ll make sure your S
corporation in Los Angeles remains in compliance so you can focus on running your business.

Registered Agent Services

In cases where businesses are operated from a private or home address, or when the company
operates across multiple locations, a registered agent serves as an official legal address to
handle important correspondence on behalf of the business. As your registered agent located in Los Angeles, we’ll ensure all important mail and legal documents are handled with care and
relayed to you in a timely manner.

Foreign Qualifications

Less dramatic than it sounds, foreign qualification is simply registering to do business in another state from where the company was founded or incorporated. If your company needs to expand
beyond California, we can assist with your foreign qualification documents.

Are you starting a new company or have a new small business in Los Angeles? Partner with Startup Tandem—we can help with everything you need for the formation of your business, so you can focus on growing your company.

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