The Tandem Culture

The Tandem Culture

A Unique Partnership With Startup Finance Experts

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Who We Are

At Startup Tandem we believe having a structure of fixed price tier services allows you to budget, forecast and strategize to meet your goals efficiently. We select the businesses that we feel passionate to work with and if the opportunity exists for an equity partnership, we will consider it.  We are a diverse team of professionals that provides financial and accounting services to young startups. We focus on building the blocks of the accounting and finance department. We help you at any stage of development and growth, many of our clients are either pre-revenue, working towards a positive EBITDA, cash flow, fundraising, and/or going for an exit.

Our culture brings together individuals who believe that direct communication, transparency, hard work, and positive attitude are the pillars for a great success story.

Our Values



Enabling Startup Growth


Financial Partnership


Team Problem Solving



Integrity Is Crucial


Loyal Partnership


Honest Communication

How Startup Tandem Was Born

Startup Tandem was born in 2017 from a vision and a conversation. At that moment Startup Tandem was just an idea, there was no clear business plan. The vision of creating a startup community where startups can support each other became clearer with experience. It was when Alejandra had the opportunity to work for one of the biggest financial consulting companies for startups that it all came together. It was at that moment that she realized the huge gap it exists between price, service and value for these businesses. Startup Tandem, Inc. was created to bridge the gap and to build partnerships. Our mission is to come together as partners to provide the best and most valuable service to the Startup Tandem’s community.

About The Founder

Alejandra Santos, CEO & Founder Startup Tandem

Alejandra Santos comes with 14 plus years of experience in accounting and finance consulting. She has experience with nonprofits, restaurants, real estate, wealth management, and startups. She landed in Miami from Honduras at the age of 17 with no support, money, or family. During her first few years in the US, she struggled to keep a roof over her head and food on her table, while at the same time pursuing an education.

 Her drive and resilience kept her going forward, she knew in her core that she was destined to create amazing things. Because of education and job opportunities, she has lived in Orlando, DC, VA, and NYC. She graduated from high school at 16 to start her professional journey pursuing a degree in International Business, and Marketing at UNITEC in Honduras. In Orlando, she obtained her Business Management degree from Valencia College, then moved to Washington DC where she obtained her B.S. in Finance from George Mason University and her Accounting degree from Northern Virginia College. In California, she obtained her Executive Master’s degree from Pepperdine University. She has been part of startup acquisitions. Alejandra continues to enrich her education by attending educational seminars and obtaining certificate programs. She currently acts as a board advisor to startups in the skincare industry. She comes from an entrepreneurial family, making her empathetic to the struggles and challenges entrepreneurship presents.

Alejandra Santos, Startup Tandem CEO & Founder

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“I hope my story can inspire many entrepreneurs and women to never give up in the pursue of their dreams. I will work very hard to make Startup Tandem, Inc. a trusted partner to each and one of you that embark this journey”

Alejandra Santos CEO & Founder

Startup Tandem Team Members


Carlyn Wice

Chief of People, Culture & HR Consulting

Carlyn Wice holds a Master of Arts in Psychology (University of Southern California, ’07) and a Master of Sciences in Human Resources (Pepperdine University, ’20). Carlyn worked with children and families in the public sector for nine years as a social worker. She has also taught college psychology courses and worked on research teams.

Carlyn’s background greatly strengthens her Human Resources toolbox. She brings passion to her work and empathy to clients and organizations. Her volunteer work includes picking up trash at the beach with the Surfrider Foundation.

Carlyn lives in Ventura, California with her husband Bret, and two children. In her spare time, you can find her doing yoga, cycling, and playing piano and keyboards.

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Mariam Kokaia

Financial & Business Analyst

Mariam is currently an MBA student at Westcliff University in Irvine. She seeks to deepen her knowledge of financial and data analysis and make the best use of this advance for business development. Mariam obtained her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in her home country Georgia at the leading business school ESM (Free University of Tbilisi). She has gained a sufficient experience in business development, mostly finding gaps, insights, and ways to improve the business processes. After working for leading international organizations in the CPG industry, Mariam enjoys being a part of developing startup and gaining unique experience with unlimited learning opportunities.

Mariam strives to maintain a balance between mind, body and soul. In the early morning, she enjoys working out to prepare for a productive day of working and studying. However, in the evening, the most pleasant thing for her is to play calm and soothing melodies on the piano and guitar. Besides this, back in her home country, she actively volunteered at dog shelters and was a strong advocate for animal rights. Now she is going to continue this activity of caring for, loving, and protecting animals in California.

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Umer Siddiqui

Tax accountant and Account Manager, CPA

Umer comes with 20+ years of experience in accounting in both private and public accounting including big 4 accounting firms. From these years of experience, he has worked in Canadian and US taxation, dealing at the corporate and individual levels.

He has 5+ years of experience in supervisory including supporting, developing, and motivating teams. He has experience working within small companies and large international corporate business environments in various industries such as hospitality, banking, manufacturing, and property management. He excels in risk analysis, cash flow, budgeting, forecasting, investment strategies, and money and capital markets.

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Chief Snuggles Officer

Bro has over ten years of giving love and bringing happiness to everyone. Because of his experience, he was chosen to be Startup Tandem’s number one snuggler. When he is not at the office, he enjoys going on long walks along the beach.

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