How It Works

How It Works

Startup Tandem scales as your business scales.

No matter what your situation – we meet you where you’re at!

Initial Call

We start with an inital call to start the process and understand your needs.


We conduct a financial evaluation and analyze financials.

Second Call

The second call will be to discuss our findings in analyzing your financials.



Once you’ve decided to work with us, you will go through an onboarding process.

Monthly Meetings

Our montly meetings aim at helping your business grow every step of the way.

Why Choose Startup Tandem?

There are so many reasons to choose Startup Tandem for your company’s financial and accounting services. Our process and how we work with you is smooth and transparent. If you ever have any questions, it’s easy to get connected with one of our team members.

Startup Tandem is dedicated to making you and your company the best that it can be. By having a clearer picture of how your money is working for your business, you’ll be able to make the important decisions that will aid in your company’s growth.

We are here for you at Startup Tandem and look forward to hearing from you and becoming your business’s key financial partner.

Our Core Pillars


Strategic Thinking

Our Fractional CFOs and accounting experts help you stay compliant as you scale.

Tandem Partnership

True partnership.

Forward Thinking

Industry leaders.



We are flexible and gracious.

Industry Leaders

Experts of finance.


Transparency and honesty is key.

Startup Tandem FAQs

What services does Startup Tandem provide?

We provide a range of financial, accounting, HR, CFO and fundraising services. Please take a look at our service page for more information.  In addition, here is a brief list:

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping: 
  • Human Resources Consulting 
  • Trade Spend Management
  • Tax Planning and Execution
  • Business Coaching 


How does Startup Tandem handle pricing?

Startup Tandem has a unique approach to pricing. Startup Tandem’s moto is “we scale with your business”. Therefore we commit to a fixed price that meets your budget and allows us to do the work that is needed. Startup Tandem provides pricing with a partnership approach. It positions its pricing lower than it would be to hire internally a team and lower than the industry average. The purpose is to grow together. 

What if my early-stage startup can't afford your services?

Startup Tandem is open to the idea of creating an equity partnership. Things we consider are the business model, industry, current revenue growth, strategy, and cash position. Startup Tandem also accepts cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum as payments. 

When is a good time to hire a CFO?

A CFO is great to have from the beginning, this partner can help manage cash, and find opportunities with investors or debt lending sources. However, we understand this comes at an expensive rate (if you are working with our competitors), therefore a few guidelines below will give you direction on the right timing: 

  • For an early-stage startup, the right time comes when you have fundraised more than $500k because you need someone to help you manage that money and give investors peace of mind. You also have to respond to a board of directors, a CFO can help you create decks and proformas for these meetings. 
  • For an early startup whose gross revenue has increased to $1M. At this point, you need to create financial modeling, have an expert keeping you accountable for meeting your Key Metrics, and strategize on how to manage your cash. At this level, you would want to also scale your business. Hiring a fractional CFO works best than internally because the chances are this person comes with a big network that you get to tap into. Startup Tandem works with banks, freight capital businesses,asset-based lending companies, and VCs to help you achieve your capital goals.
  • When going for a minor acquisition or fundraising, you will need an expert CFO to help you prepare for this transition. 
  • When your business scales you will need financial analysis, margins, profitability, rations, and a dashboard that can tell your business story each month. 
  • As an early stage to help you create a 13-week cash model and budget. 


What can I expect if I choose Startup Tandem over any other competitor?
  • You can expect transparency in pricing and work. 
  • A professional team that comes together to brainstorm ideas on how to add more value to your business. 
  • A fixed price service tier system that will not become your variable cost. 
  • A partnership approach to all the services we provide. 
  • You don’t like us let us know in 30 days and we can finish our work and go separate ways. 
  • No fees for emails, calls, texts, or any form of communication, you want to talk with us please reach out!
How long does it take to be onboarded?
  • It depends on the service your business needs. 
  • For accounting and bookkeeping- The first month is for onboarding. 
  • For fractional CFO if you have bookkeeping in the house- about two weeks. 
  • HR onboarding is recommended as part of the service to create policies and procedures and set the tone for employees. About a month. 
  • Business coaching- is for entrepreneurs so there is no onboarding.
How do we maintain a positive reputation as an employer?
  • Pay/benefits tied to belonging in the company
  • Keeping employees challenged and feeling important
  • 360 Peer feedback
How do improve our culture?
  • Personalized assessment and recommendations tailored to your needs
  • Cutting edge employee recognition
How do we recognize our employees?
What systems does Startup Tandem work with?

Here are some of the systems Startup Tandem uses:

  • Inventory: CIN7, NetSuite, Quickbooks Desktop, Microsoft Dynamics, and Intacct.
  • For Accounting systems: QBO, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics. 
  • For payroll: ADP, Triinet, Gusto, Paychex. 
  • For Cryptocurrency: Softledger
  • For financial modeling & programming: Tableau and Python


Why do you require 30 days to cancel services?
  • As we maintain the financial health of your company, 30 days are needed to offboard you. 
  • We are not just giving you a one-off service, we represent the finance department of your company. 
  • As part of offboarding, we will go over findings that your new employee will continue to look into, train them in the financial models we have created and any other processes they may have to follow. 
Why do clients stop working with Startup Tandem?
  • The most common reason is they hire internally. 
  • Once a startup starts building its core team, we provide recruiting services for clients to replace us. 
  • We also provide training for the transition to happen effortlessly.
What sets Startup Tandem apart from competitors?
  • Startup Tandem’s motto is “We scale with your business” no BS, we mean it. From creating a business plan to executing it and exciting your company, we offer services for all budgets and growth levels. 

  • Startup Tandem provides full-circle services to startups. We have partnered up with companies that share our same mission to create more value for our clients. therefore, as a client, you can expect a solution to any problem you may have. Along with our partners, we help clients increase revenue thru website and retail, find talent, manage cash better and find capital. Please refer to our services and partners for more information. 


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