• Initial Call:

Contact to discuss business goals and budget requirements. We would like to know where you are and where you are heading. In this call we will go over key goals, business structure, and what you are looking for. We would like to make sure we could be a good partner.

  • Financial Evaluation:

After the initial call, we will do evaluation of your financials. To better understand how we can provide the best service, we need to analyze transactions and state of your financials. This is how we are able to deliver the best financial advisement possible.

  • Second Call:

We will have a second call after analyzing the financials to provide you with our findings. Here we can discuss any of the packages we offer to determine if any are a good fit, or if we should custom a service package that fits your company’s needs and budget.

  • Onboarding process:

The onboarding process will emphasize in setting your company with systems that will make our partnership more efficient. You will be also providing access to us to your current systems. During this process we will go over role and responsibilities, set up processes, and upcoming meetings.


  • Monthly Meetings:

Monthly meetings are included to review the financials each month. We will go over each month’s storyline to help you navigate your Cash Flow, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet statements. The recurrence of the meetings will depend on the service tier that you prefer or what is agreed on.