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Tandem Partnership

Our approach is unconventional. We understand each small business has its own needs. We understand decisions need to be made quick in a fast-changing environment. We understand you need a partner every step of the way for accounting and finance advice, support and expertise. CASH IS KING! As financial professionals we live by this principle. As your partner, if none of the offered plans work for you, you will be able to custom-made a plan that works for you and your cash needs.


At Tandem we see us succeed with you every step of the way. Think of us as a partner not a vendor. Our relationship will not be measured by billable hours. We offer fixed rate service plans or custom-made plans with fixed payments to fit your business needs. what we agreed on is what you get.  As financial professionals, we like to be transparent on the cost of the services that we offer.

Forward Thinking

Startup Tandem, Inc. treats each relationship as family. We are here to grow, face the challenges, and to find financial solutions together. Our business model is Tandem Partnership, if available we will evaluate the opportunity to become your equity partner. As part of our partnership, we accept equity options if this is agreed as part of the payment agreement, this is only for qualified and selective businesses. The process to determine selection will be discussed if interested.


We believe one of the pillars of a great business is communication. At Startup Tandem we will be transparent and provide financial advice and CFO consulting in its most raw form. As your partner we expect the same.

Strategic Thinking

When you start your journey with us, you get the whole team of strategic thinkers and problem solvers at no additional billable hours. At Tandem we believe in coming together as a team to brainstorm the best options that will help you optimize any situation. We are in a tandem partnership, shareholders of your success.

Industry Leaders

We are a group of entrepreneurs with various backgrounds in accounting and finance working together for your success. Our team services clients nationwide. We pride in being industry leaders and experts at our craft. Most of our clients are in beauty, health, consumer packaged goods, selling in the e-commerce and retail space.

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Please feel free to contact us. We’re super happy to talk to you. Feel free to ask anything.

About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of entrepreneurs, like minded with one common goal to provide the valuable services and financial advice at an adequate price. At Tandem we believe having a structure of fixed price tier services allows you to budget, forecast and strategize better to meet your goals.

Our culture brings together individuals who believe that direct communication, transparency, hard work, and positive attitude create and maintain a harmonious relationship.


What We Do

We provide financial & accounting day to day support, analysis and strategy. We curated plans that through our experience include aspects that are needed the most. If none of these fit, we create a custom-made plan that will accommodate your company needs.

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