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Hire A Professional Fractional CFO For Startups In Los Angeles

Do you need a fractional CFO or a fractional finance director for startups in Los Angeles? Our LA based outsourced CFOs are the perfect choice to help you oversee the finances and strategize your rapidly growing startup! 

Manage Financials

Our LA Fractional CFOs for startups will manage your financials and analyze your systems.

Debt & VC Fundraising Strategy

You’ll get a winning fundraising strategy CFO as a service startup.

Reforecasting Of Your Budget

Many startups need help creating and maintaining a budget and cash management.

Financial Metrics And Dashboard

There will be constant monitoring of key financial metrics.

Scale Up

Our Los Angeles fractional CFOs will help you grow your business to where you want it to be.

Why Hire An LA Outsourced CFO?

Startup Tandem has a unique approach to the way we do business. Rather than using billable hours to charge our clients, our Los Angeles fractional CFO consulting firm scales as you scale.  No matter where you’re at, Startup Tandem can offer our services to your startup! We offer affordable, tiered-pricing plans. Our plans allow you to hire an expert CFO and gain insight into the state of your company’s financials.

Our Los Angeles fractional CFOs can be hired on a part-time or interim basis.  Fractional CFO services provide invaluable financial leadership to your startup assess the financial health, financial reporting, and financial systems, offer resource acquisition strategies and can become a key part of your senior executive leadership team. Fractional CFOs come with lots of expertise to support you as Chief Executive Officer. Call us today to learn more.

Best Outsourced CFOs In LA County

Startup Tandem’s Los Angeles Fractional CFOs for startups are experts in financial analysis.  They are professional Chief Financial Officers that set up both your financial and operational strategies to maximize success!

fractional CFO for startups in Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles Fractional CFOs

We scale as you scale! Our Los Angeles CFO consulting firm will drive, grow and manage your financial strategy!

Strategy Development

Analysis and Consulting

Tandem Partnership

Financial Dashboard With KPIs metrics

Experienced Finance Leaders

Eliminate Cash Burn

Your Startup Needs A CFO!!!

A fractional CFO is a financial professional who provides strategic and operational advice to businesses on a part-time or as-needed basis. Unlike a traditional full-time chief financial officer (CFO), a fractional CFO is not employed by the company permanently. Instead, they are typically retained by the company on a contract basis, and their involvement varies depending on the needs of the business. While fractional CFOs are often brought in to provide financial expertise during periods of transition or growth, they can also be valuable assets during times of stability. Our LA fractional CFOs can help you develop financial projections, set up financial and accounting systems, create budgeting and forecasting models, and provide analysis and decision support.

We also offer HR, tax, and accounting services to help your business be compliant as it scales. Hire start-up CFOs for your business to start on the right foot.



Our clients are in Whole Foods, Target, Costco, and Walmart. We offer trade spend solutions & much more.


Our clients create platform solutions for payment transactions, event planning, and many more. 


We work with startups in blockchain technology, NFTs and exchange transactions.

Professional Services

We support law firms, and health practitioners in being compliant and identifying trends to grow their business. 

Los Angeles Startup CFO FAQs

What is a Fractional CFO?

A fractional Los Angeles CFO is a part-time financial executive who provides services to small and mid-sized businesses on an as-needed basis. Companies typically use fractional CFOs when they don’t have the need or budget for a full-time chief financial officer. Fractional CFOs can fill various roles within a company, including providing financial analysis, developing budgets and forecasting cash flow. They can also work with investors and lenders, and help to negotiate contracts. In addition, fractional CFOs can provide advice on issues such as mergers and acquisitions, and tax planning. As a result, fractional CFOs can be a valuable resource for companies that need assistance with their finances but don’

What does a startup CFO do exactly?

A fractional CFO is a financial executive who works with a company on a part-time or interim basis. A fractional CFO can provide the same services as a full-time chief financial officer, but at a fraction of the cost. fractional CFOs are typically hired to help companies during periods of transition, such as when a company is expanding, going public, or experiencing financial difficulties. fractional CFOs can also be valuable members of a company’s management team, providing insights and advice on financial matters. In many cases, fractional CFOs are retired executives who have significant experience in the financial industry. As a result, they can offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to their clients.

Why should I hire a Los Angeles fractional CFO?

Organizations that are looking to improve their financial management may want to consider hiring a Los Angeles fractional CFO. Fractional CFOs offer all the benefits of a full-time CFO at a fraction of the cost, making them an affordable option for small and mid-sized businesses. In addition, fractional CFOs can provide valuable insights and advice on a wide range of financial topics, from budgeting and forecasting to investment strategies. As a result, organizations that hire a fractional CFO can enjoy improved financial management and decision-making.

When is a good time to hire a CFO?

The video above will explain everything about when to hire a part-time CFO.  The blog post here: when is a good time to hire a CFO will also answer  your questions!

Please contact us too for guidance on the subject. We truly look forward to helping you!

What can I expect if I hire Startup Tandem?

When you hire us as your Los Angeles Fractional CFO for your startup company, you can expect nothing less that the best. Our pricing makes us affordable- we scale as you scale. And the level of management we can provide will vary based on your needs. 

Please call us today to get started with one of our fractional CFOs.

How much does a fractional CFO cost?

Fractional CFO rates vary depending on the business’s individual needs. We do not go by one size fits all. We offer a simple model for startups and more complex models for mid-size businesses. Some businesses do not benefit from weekly cash management while some do. With outsourced CFOs we offer great pricing options. Please contact us at your convenience to learn more.

What is part-time CFO vs Outsourced CFO?

We offer CFO services that meet your business needs. If your business needs a part-time CFO, someone who is more involved in the day-to-day, and requires more time in the business then a member of our team will be assigned to meet your business demands. If your business needs an outsourced CFO who is more project-based, or just meets a few times a month to go over financials, and monthly performance and help you be accountable then our outsourced CFOs will be available to assist you. For us, not one size fits all, and our team is ready to meet your business’s growing needs.

Why hire an outsourced CFO than hiring internally?

As experienced CFOs one of the areas we keep an eye on is reducing and maintaining low costs, increasing revenue streams, and helping you increase and manage cash flow. Hiring an internal CFO as a startup or small business owner in LA can become costly. You can look for CFO jobs in Los Angeles to analyze the job salary requirements and therefore cash requirements your business needs to hire an internal CFO. Our outsourced CFOs also come with a variety of industry experience, that can provide valuable advice as you grow your business.

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