How To Choose A Small Business Accountant

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how to choose a small business accountant

How to Choose a Small Business Accountant

So you’ve started your own business. You can choose your hours, decide what product to sell, and have started figuring out your business model. Yet, you’re still missing a vital part of your ever growing, yet small, family. This person will become your biggest support brace in keeping your new ‘baby’ alive: your accountant. An accountant is going to be the person to zero in on your finances and other important data. Think of your accountant as your newborn business’ pediatrician. They are consistently giving check-ups and giving you reports on your business’ growth. So the question becomes: how do you choose your small business’ accountant?

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how to choose a small business accounting service
how to choose a small business accounting service

4 Tips For Choosing Small Business Accounting Services

TIP 1: Know First What You Need

Just like when choosing a doctor or any sort of specialist, you need to know what you need from your accountant. These guidelines will not only help you choose the right accountant for the job, but also help prospective accountants understand what you are looking for, or expecting. 

This also means that you should look for an accountant who has some sort of understanding of what your business model or product is. For instance, if you are starting a small business based in technology, you might want to have an accountant who is at least a little tech savvy. This allows your accountant to have an insight to certain purchases or financial habits you might have. 

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TIP 2: Choose To Go Certified!

While you can certainly decide to go with an uncertified accountant, it may not be the wisest move. If you need things like bookkeeping services or even preparation for tax season, an uncertified accountant can definitely do that for you. Still, as you grow your business you want to think of the future. A certified accountant can give you a holistic understanding of your business finances. They have taken on massive training and gotten a degree in accounting to get to where they are now.  

Certified Accountants are able to do a multitude of tasks:

  • Set up an accounting system
  • Keep track of your books
  • Pin-point problems
  • Keep an eye on cash flow
  • Show you how you can grow or make changes

If you don’t choose to have a certified accountant now, you will want to go with one in the future. They  can help you with getting a loan or even when it comes to getting audited. 

TIP 3: Get Recommendations

Governments and other small businesses want places like yours to make it. Small businesses are good for the economy. Check in with your social network and ask for recommendations. If anybody is going to be able to give you comparable experiences, it is going to be other small businesses. Stop by your government’s Chamber of Commerce and ask for assistance there. 

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants also has a database that you can access with a membership. This keeps track of all CPAs. This way you can look for CPAs with an active license. 

You also want to do thorough background checks on your candidates. Remember: you are asking this person to keep an ear on your business’ pulse and let you know if any issues arise. 

TIP 4: Be Picky With Who You Choose!

When it comes to your business you can never be too careful. It’s okay to interview multiple different accountants. Especially look at those with small business experience. Yes, you can choose someone who works for a big firm, but overall you want someone who is able to give you relevant advice when it comes to your growing business. 

Ask them about their experiences, and what kind of software they might need. This helps you get a better grasp of how flexible they are with growing. Having an accountant who is up to date with the latest software shows you they are willing to grow with your business. 

You can even ask them questions about what they would do in certain situations. They should want to save you money, yet do so in ways that will stay on the legal side of law. Afterall, it is your business and at the end of the day your responsibility. 

It’s important that they be willing to communicate with you. Afterall, communication is the key to a healthy relationship. 

In Conclusion: How To Choose A Small Business Accountant

There are many different aspects to look at when choosing an accountant for your small business. 

  • Flexibility
  • Certified or not
  • Small business experience
  • Even an understanding of your chosen business

Still, at the end of the day the accountant you choose has to feel right for you. This person is there for you to help your future and dreams come to fruition. Do your research and look at many different candidates. The right accountant is there for you. All you need to do is start looking. 

We hope you now understand some important tips for choosing a startup and small business accounting services. If you are interested in one of the best small business accounting and bookkeeping services, Startup Tandem is a great choice. They have locations all over the United States and offer fixed price services for startups such as your. You can feel free to contact Startup Tandem for more information on the services they provide or to request a consultation.

We hope you now know how to choose a small business accountant and wish you all the best.

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