Will My Business Survive The Current Economy?

by | Jul 29, 2022 | Startup Tips

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I Am A New Business Owner- Will My Business Survive?

If you are a new business owner and you are wondering will my business survive the current economy – you’re like may entrepreneurs in 2022. Read on to learn some important information on the current economy and whether or not your business will survive.

We’re In This Together

I believe many can resonate with the statement above, especially those just starting in the entrepreneurship world. Starting a new business requires time, funding, materials, and most importantly professional help to ease the initial stage processes. Many are experiencing difficulties in sustaining their business in the current economic situation due to high-interest rates and inflation which directly have caused lesser economic activities.
There are a few important aspects that any business owner should take into consideration to prepare for future setbacks if any.

Cyclical Vs Non-Cyclical Industries

1-Choosing the right industry is crucial because most of it moves with the economic trend. For example, the construction industry is a cyclical industry that will move in tandem with the market movement. Due to high inflation and rising interest rates, the construction industry is heavily impacted by the rising cost and lower demand for new projects. The non-cyclical industry is impacted much lesser compared to the cyclical industry as the need for this type of services or goods are sought after regardless of the market condition, like staple food.

Economic impact on lifestyle choices

2- Understanding the current lifestyle of the mass, sometimes trends do fade away after time and it is difficult to survive this if a business doesn’t evolve and adapt to the changes. A while ago, healthy meal box was in trend and it’s fading away due to the current economic condition, people are being more conscious of their spending as the inflation rate is on the rise. The size of the business does play a huge role in its sustainability especially when everything is priced at an all-time high compared to 5 years ago. Business finance capability is very important to survive the current price war.

Finance Capacity

3-Internally an entrepreneur needs to understand the financial status of the company. Having a thorough business process is vital to keep surviving when the situation is not favorable for the profitability of the business. Addressing the entries on the financial statement which might be impacted by the current condition might mitigate the risk of operating losses and allow one to plan accordingly for future business activities like acquiring funding from lending entities or raising private equities. Obtaining professional services like hiring a fractional CFO to revamp the business strategy, perform financial analysis and forecasting and for other crucial areas of the business might save time and generate the desired outcome for the sustainability of the business.

Local Resources

4-Usually, start-ups in a certain industry might get the right resources and assistance from the local state or county during an economic downturn especially entrepreneurs from a specific demographic group. Being on the lookout and updated on the current resources that might guide and assist the business to stay in operation during uncertainties will certainly be useful for small business owners. Subscribing to an insurance plan which safeguards the business operation might also be an important aspect to investigate.
Above all, understanding your business and how it can be impacted by little changes by external factors from the beginning is the most important part of swiftly moving beyond the market cycle. As an entrepreneur, our goal is to stay active and generate profitability. Having that in mind, one should look ahead, keep evolving and stay composed when things go sideways. The right mindset and anticipation are vital to gracefully move forward at the desired pace, especially for those who are at the initial stage of a business.

How can we help your business during this time of uncertainty?

In a nutshell, choosing and understanding the industry, adding professional help, comprehensive knowledge of the business financials and analysis, keeping up to date with the latest resources from local state or county and the right mindset are the keys to sustaining a business in a current economic condition. Adapting and evolving with the changes often results in a positive outcome.

For more guidance and professional advice, visit www.startuptandem.com. Startup Tandem provides fractional CFOs services to help entrepreneurs mitigate risks, maintain cash flow, and find capital opportunities during vulnerable times like now. Our prices will adjust to your current business growth and budget.

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